Owning a horse can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of your life but it’s also a huge responsibility.

Under the Animals Act you can be directly liable for any injury or damage caused by your horse, which is why, at Equesure, we have a range of policies available aimed to suit your requirements and budget.


Why do I need Horse Insurance?

Regardless of purchase price, a horse is a major financial investment and with equine husbandry costs rising, it’s an incredibly sensible option to insure your investment and member of your family. Horses are notorious for getting into scrapes and if something major were to happen, insurance could save the day on hefty outlays such as vet fees and hospitalisation.  

It’s important to know what your priorities are when thinking about insurance, not all policies offer the same level of cover for the same price so just because one premium is cheaper than another, that does not necessarily mean it covers all that you need it to.

For example, if you choose to insure your horse for light hacking only and you attended a one off show jumping event, if your horse were to injure itself, you may not be covered.


What level of Horse Insurance do I need?

Finding the right insurance for your horse is dependent on quite a few factors but to give a guide it’s usually worked out from information such as age, use and where the horse is kept.

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Happy Hacker

Horse insurance

Horse insurance

Insurance for Leisure horses and ponies in light work such as gentle hacks at the weekend are one of the cheaper levels of cover due to the lower level of risk that is involved. 

Competition Horse

Competition horse insurance

Competition horse insurance

Insurance for horses and ponies that are competing at Affiliated or Unaffiliated events can vary in price as it’s based on the activity itself. Some activities are classed as a higher risk than others and the higher the risk, the greater the chance of injury during the activity. At the time of quoting, please do advise us of the level of activity you’re participating in to ensure you receive the right level of cover for your requirements.


Insurance for veteran horses and ponies might be considered a cheap option since they may not be participating in the same level of activity that they once was, however veteran cover only covers for external injuries not diseases or illnesses so it is still a sensible idea to protect your forever friend against potential risks.

Please note that the cover options above do not include tack or possession cover, this would be an optional extra that can be added to your package at an extra cost.  To find out more about any of Equesure’s optional extras, we encourage you to give us a call on 01480 220089 and chat through your options with one of our friendly team.


Can I insure any type of Horse?

Yes! The breed actually doesn’t affect the insurance premium cost at all, the direct factors that influence the price are value, use and the location.

With all of our policies, we encourage you to give us a call on 01480 220089 with any questions you may have. No query is too small or large, we’re here to help you find the best protection for you, your horsebox and your horse.

Why choose Equesure for Horse Insurance?

Equesure are equine insurance experts, we have over 60 years combined equestrian knowledge and will endeavour to find an insurance policy, tailored to your needs, for you, your horse and your transport. Working with a varied and trusted panel of insurers, Equesure offer clients a bespoke horse insurance policy with various options of cover to ensure the policy is right for you.

Horse insurance arranged through Equesure can cover up to the sum insured of £750,000 and provide up to £10,000 per incident towards vet fees. Equine insurance policies can also offer additional cover for personal accident, saddlery and tack as well as public liability cover of up to £5 million.

Equesure can arrange cover for foals (31 days old and older), veteran horses, and for the new Horseboarding insurance product. Horseboarding is fast becoming a popular sport amongst equestrians and non equestrians alike, here is our in house team 'Consider it Dun' in action as shown on BBC Sport and ITV News.

Horse Insurance Features & Benefits can include:*

  • Choice of cover to suit most budgets
  • Vet’s fees cover up to £10,000 per incident but with unlimited number of claims within the policy year
  • Personal dental cover available on some policies up to £1,750 if required
  • An additional discount for insuring more than one horse
  • Saddlery and tack cover available
  • Horseboarding cover available
  • Personal accident cover up to £30,000
  • Public liability cover up to £5 million
  • Loss of use cover available with all insurers
  • EU cover/usage available
  • Death, theft or straying of horse

*Policy benefits and features offered may vary between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria.

How much does Horse Insurance cost?

With all levels of cover, it’s important to disclose as much information about you, your horse and the level of activity you partake in so we can find the best price for your requirements.

How much should I insure my horse for?

The rule of thumb is to insure your horse on its current value i.e. how much you would expect to receive if you were to sell or how much it would cost to replace like for like (where possible) if death were to occur.  

Because Equesure can arrange a bespoke insurance policy, it’s difficult to give a guide on horse insurance prices. To receive a quote, please fill in the online form requesting a call back or give one of our specialists a call on 01480 220089 and we’d be pleased to help in any way we can. 

How to get a Horse Insurance quote

Getting a horse insurance quote is simple with Equesure, either give us a call on 01480 220089, or complete the ‘request a quote’ form and our horse insurance team will be more than happy to talk you through a quote and all available benefits.


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